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About Us

"It's worth the calories."- Mary Berry



My name is Linda. I am the creator of Gateau de Jil, A little bit about me. I didn't learn to cook until I was well in my adult years. Unfortunately, I never had the desire to spend any time in the kitchen. I would rather study, read comic books, watch the stars and catch up on all the seasons of Star Trek! Did I mention I was a huge Trekkie? So I was extremely shocked when I created something in the kitchen that people would actually want to eat. However, baking became more than a hobby. It became therapy and my happy place. My grandmother told me that hospitality was feeding the soul. She was a wise woman. Dessert is a happy treat. Bakers should enjoy their creations! That is the only way our customers will enjoy it as well! 


Gateau de Jil was created October of 2020 in the corner of my kitchen. I decided to expand my flavorful tastes in March 2021.

Here’s the story! It was the beginning of pandemic and like many of us, I was craving things I had not had time to think about pre-Covid. I just needed that slice of cheesecake, and I would be ok. I went to my favorite cheesecake place. And what a nightmare! It was the worst cheesecake I had ever had. Not to mention, OVERPRICED! I was so frustrated that I vowed to never eat cheesecake again. Of course, that was not true. I sought out to create the most unforgettable cheesecake ever! So, I began to create and share with my friends. Over time and with great critiques, I did just so. Well, at least that’s what my friends tell me. They could be bias!  


Like many others, my employment became affected due to Covid. So I had a lot of time to catch up with my favorite show 'Great British Baking Show'. This is where the desire to bake started. It was not until then that my eyes were opened to an entirely different style of baking. I did not know there was a different texture and style of cheesecake until a later season of GBBS. So, between following this show and some of the most famous French boulangeries and patisseries (bakers), I began experimenting and realized that I enjoyed cheesecake more when baked French style. Also, I've always imagined Mary Berry saying, "It's worth the calories." Or Paul Hollywood giving me a handshake. So I took to experimenting more with my cheesecakes. Shortly after that, it started to expand quickly. I never thought baking cheesecakes would go further than my kitchen. Of course, we are our own worst critics. Fortunately, with great support, I kept going and here I am today! Although I am the creator of Gateau de Jil, my support team (The Gateau Family) we my inspiration! 


My bakes are as French as its name. I have always had an unhealthy relationship and obsession with Paris, France. For example, my dog is named Paris. Until then, I hope my cheesecakes will take you to Paris with every bite! 


Gateau Family

Our Team.

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