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July 3rd,  2024
The French "Classic" Cheesecake $55
2051 Cypress Creek Rd # L
Cedar Park, Texas

Casper's Kitchen

Welcome to baking cheesecakes the Gateau way! In this class, you will learn specific techniques that will earn you the title "cheesecake of the year". You will also learn tricks and tips to keep your cheesecakes from over cooking, cracking or lacking in flavor. 


In this class, we prepare our cheesecakes from the base of the crust to the finish of the compote topping. You will experience hands on training. Class participants DO NOT exceed more than 14 people which allows us to work in a setting that feels more like one on one. 

What to expect?

  1. Two (2) hours of hands on personal training, techniques, and tips and tricks

  2. History and knowledge of proper ingredients for baking the perfect cheesecake.

  3. Opportunity to work and learn from your classmates.

  4. Three (3) Gateau sampler bites 

  5. Personal 8 inch deep pie dish cheesecake with choice topping.

What we provide:

  1. We provide all ingredients needed for the flavor cheesecake class selections. (Cream Cheese, flour, sugar, crust, etc.)

  2. Apron (You may bring your own. These must be returned at the end of class, but may be purchased if you desire)

  3. Spatulas

  4. 8 inch foil deep dish

Since this class is designed to show you how to bake from home, you will be required to bring your personal hand or stand mixers. You are welcome to bring your personal spring form pan, but ingredient ratios will still be the same. Sitting will be limited, so please dress appropriately for class. Slip resistant shoes will be required as well. 

Class will be exceptionally fun, relaxed, entertaining and educational! We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

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